The agenda for Music Industry Workshop Series


Unlock your Entrepreneurship Mindset for the Independent Musician

Time: 12h00 - 13h30 (WAT)
Reframing - Challenges into Opportunities.
The music business has experienced seismic disruption over the past decade; from consumer ownership of physical copy to access via subscription, and from artists touring to generate revenue to the Covid lockdowns of 2020/21. However, the core product is unchanged - great songs, great productions, great performances! This session will explore the huge emerging opportunities in this new ‘age of the independent artist’, and address a central theme: What is a creative entrepreneur, and why is mindset so critical?

Presented by: Dr. Adeyinka Adewale, Gael Hedding & David Maclean. Moderated by: Barry Van Zyl

You Are Your Own Brand/Digital Marketing

Time: 13h40 - 14h40 (WAT)
The music business is highly competitive and overcrowded. A solid personal brand is crucial to help musicians stand out among their peers and communicate the essence of their creative work, often through the internet and online-based digital technologies, to their audience. This session explores how musicians can build and promote solid personal brands and leverage digital technologies in doing this successfully.

Presented by: Professor Ben Laker, McKinley Short & John Vlismis. Moderated by: Dr. Adeyinka Adewale.

Becoming a World Class Artist

Time: 15h00 - 16h00 (WAT)
Becoming a world-class artist is a goal of many talented musicians, writers, and producers. Yet, there is no magic pill that can make this happen. However, there are some strategies you can utilize as you continue on your professional career path. Join this session to engage with vocalist/songwriter and Artistic Director of the Berklee Abu Dhabi Center Mayssa Karaa; renowned-drummer, creative strategist, and music specialist Barry Van Zyl, and festival promoter and Director of artist and producer management company Stephen Budd Music Ltd — Stephen Budd.

Presented by: Barry Van Zyl, Mayssa Karaa & Stephen Budd. Moderated by: Jason Camelio & Betsie Becker

Online Music Performance and Songwriting

Time: 16h10 - 17h10 (WAT)
Berklee Global Initiatives team will introduce the performance software Jamulus with their own Linux Virtual Private Server Network to demonstrate both online performance, recording and songwriting applications.

Presented by: Jason Camelio & Ray Seol.

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