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Berklee is dynamic, innovative, creative, global, and bold—a place that embraces improvisation and innovation. Founded on jazz, the music of the African diaspora, and a dedication to contemporary music, Berklee is a singular institution for the study of the performing arts. The institution continues to integrate and find connections between its historical roots and the contemporary worlds of music, dance, and theater. Berklee is a place where artists come together to innovate and collaborate, and where artistic and cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated. This ethos permeates all aspects of Berklee—from teaching and learning to administration and governance—and is fundamental to the Berklee experience.

Berklee continually cultivates its own promise—stretching, expanding, and reinventing itself in a rapidly changing world. In recent years, Berklee has opened new campuses in New York City and Valencia, Spain, and grown Berklee Online into the world’s largest online music school.

More than just a business school – Henley offers the opportunity to live, breathe, practice and create business. Course participants don’t just learn a list of facts and a handful of theories. They develop and apply their learning to real life situations, examining issues around ethics and sustainability and building a holistic understanding of the global impact of businesses on society. We create future leaders who have strong business acumen, are driven by responsibility, and have been equipped with a wider perspective.

Henley has a rich heritage in innovation – from rebuilding Britain after the Second World War, to pioneering distance learning, to the innovative syndicate learning method and more, Henley has always provided the tools needed to face contemporary business challenges. Henley has sites across the world, with its Johannesburg campus consistently ranked as the No. 1 MBA Business School in South Africa (PMR Awards). With more than 84,000 alumni in 160 countries, we are truly global business community.

With support from Afrinolly Creative Hub -  Nigeria’s first Creator’s Space opened to filmmakers, screenwriters, animators, mobile technology developers, artists and other creatives to Learn, Collaborate and Create. Essentially the Hub functions as “Where Technology Meets Art” for both emerging and established content creators.


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